I started a Styling Course

So just to be clear, this course that I have signed up to, has life-time access so I am not under any time pressure in case you were wondering when would there be time with 3 kids :).

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We moved into our home in August 2019, when Cassie was just 2 weeks old. between the date that we got our keys and we moved in, we had a painter basically just white wash the whole house. It was painted a browny colour, and the floors were tiled green, yes green! We also had the floor changed in the kitchen and hall and then ran out of money to do the rest.

Between working and mammying I really didn’t have much time or head space to plan out the house. I found myself impulsively buying things I liked but they were all a little disconnected from each other when I’d get them home. Fast forward to now, and I actually do have the time to figure out what my style is and how I want to design the house. I’m loving the dreaming stage, figuring out what kind of styles work for the architecture of the house, and then spending time on pinterest pinning pinning pinning.

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There is actually a formula to it, finding out which which of the main styles you prefer, picking 2-3 and then working within that frame to mood board your perfect home. It actually takes a lot of intention to do it for each space, and each room, so that the whole house becomes cohesive. That’s the hope anyway! So far I’ve settled on a relaxed coastal theme, with hints of other styles here and there to break it up.

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One of the most liberating things I’ve learned, is that the house doesn’t HAVE to represent ME and my personality, that can be a lot of pressure and something that has slowed me down before. The most important thing is that IT FEELS GOOD to me and the family of course. To help visual what I feel good in, i think about when I have felt relaxed.. for me Corfu and Sorrento came to mind. Warm relaxed vibes, from holidaying there. Good times, floral and fruity scents and arches everywhere.. Parts of the mediterranean can definitely play a role in my little coastal home in Wexford. Maybe not the lemon trees, but the general relaxed tone and colours..

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I feel I’ve a lot of to do, like literally the entire house, but I’ll take my time this year and get it right… Here is my first mood board for the overall feel.

I’m excited to feel like I’ve got some kind of framework now, I’ll keep you posted how I get on.

What about you? Is your home perfectly styled?

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