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My round up of June and July post first lock down

Well, just finally getting around to posting! I wrote this in July but edited and posted in Jan 21. Forgot to hit publish on the blog..

The last few months had been packed and I mean packed full of parenting, work, house and home projects and resetting my entire business post covid break! Honestly I feel like I’ve never worked so hard in my life, and I would be known to be a bit of a German hustler..but the pregnancy on top had been the ultimate challenge. As I was in my second trimester for April May and June, I had a good bit of energy, and It’s a funny thing I often feel really creative when I’m pregnant, and if i’m physically ok, I seem to get loads of ideas and projects rolling. I’m sure it’s hormones related and nesting related ..

38 weeks pregnant with Lana Star

Covid with a toddler and Baby

It was pretty intense, I’m sure a lot of parents could relate, having my 3 year old toddler home 24/7 during covid. All the positives were there, quality time together, developing new routines, having extra time with dad home once his work came to an end in April, and then the challenges were there too. How do I get any work done? Head space? Any quiet? Financially – how will we survive? All in all it was beautiful, but with only five weeks to go till the new arrival, I was excited to get Molly into playgroup for the mornings come September. Cassie my 1 year old, was just about to crawl, so it was all about to go up a notch… again.


During that first lock down like many others, I needed the break. I had reached burn out. Running a business is something that you never quite turn off, and the salon is open 6 days a week every week of the year, so it’s hard to really get a real holiday and the head space to switch off. I’ve found since becoming a mum, it’s even harder to fit everything in or do even half of it well! From March to May I really did just that, I turned off from the day to day running of the shop and I rebooted. More to say on this later, and what helped me to regain a bit of balance in my life, but let’s just say it was the break my body mind and soul needed to be able to get perspective again. It also gave me the energy and creativity for the next few months of work to keep going at the end of the pregnancy.

Business Wise..

The covid lock down was financially a disaster. In August we would reach a 10 year milestone in business and instead of getting to ride it out a bit and celebrate it turned into survival mode to stay open and trading. Along with the Covid came all the covid related decisions that clients and staff had to make to stay safe and to be there for their families, it wasn’t easy for anyone to navigate with all the unknowns.

Salon interior

As we were allowed to reopen in June, there was a lot to organise and make happen and I was ready to go for it. I had the entire shop covid safe, I installed a sink inside the front door, and made a lot of changes to the layout to ensure social distancing was possible. I purchased all the PPE we would need and also had photos done for HR to try and boost the salon and let people know we were reopening. We started working on an online shop but didn’t release it at the time as there would have to be someone there and available to do the packing and posting and just being open after covid with all the changes was already intense especially in such a big premises.

At home

I became super nesty and knowing that business is so unpredictable especially with the pandemic still going on, I felt I needed to be as organised as humanly possible at home for when baby Lana arrived in September. I hoped to be able to switch off then for a bit and enjoy her and our new little family of 5.

We had a garden path laid down in the front garden as it is on a slight hill and with bad drainage it kept flooding when it rained. I knew it would be so needed come September and that month turned out to be a really rainy month too so I was delighted we made that one happen! We had a new sink put in the bathroom downstairs and are still working on the playroom and girls bedroom. So many home projects but with no income a lot of it was just on hold.

What about you guys? Was lock down a curse or a blessing? Did you home decorate or retrain online?

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