Well Being and my 360 approach to beauty

Why I believe “Wellbeing “ Is soooo important at ANNA SCHU

Our tagline at my salon ANNA SCHU, has been “ Believing in You “ since we opened in 2010. Before it was popular to post quotes on Instagram or before “ self – care ” was a buzzword. Why? With a background in beauty training but also in pastoral care I have always know that beauty and wellness is an inside job. I’ve seen and remember working with the some of the most externally beautiful people in the airline industry back in my emirates cabin crew days, and as I’m sure you’ve met people like this too, they can be very unhappy or sad on the inside. Often people are so low or stressed or carrying so much, that it truly affects there being and can even cause serious illness if these worries and stresses are not sorted out.

In 2020 Anxiety plagues generations like never before, and 10 years ago, my message was to encourage people to believe in themselves, and that they were worthy of looking and feeling good, and worthy of being treated and looked after and pampered! The lines have become very blurry over the last decade in terms of what worthiness looks like, however when I say “ Believing In you “ I’m not talking about getting what you want and being a spoiled brat 😛 ,

I’m talking about worthiness.

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s going for a beauty treatment in Ireland, there was a real stigma about “ loving yourself “ as you were normally obviously full of yourself and needed to be taken down a peg or two if you spent excess time or money on getting anything done. I remember being 17 and working in a beauty and hairdressing place for experience, and listening to the defences or the things women used to say, almost explaining how necessary it was they came in for something and that it wasn’t the norm! The younger generations don’t battle with the stigma now in the same way and God knows they have different issues, but even when I opened my place in 2010, I wanted women to feel like they were worth coming in and having some me-time, some rest , some relaxation as well as having a great treatment. The women I’ve met over the years, are incredible. Ceo’s, and Industry leaders, grandmothers., mothers, midwives, city slickers and country dwellers, the stories I’ve listened to have been unreal. From Advice to tips, from heartbreak to celebrations, disappointments to rising again I have been shaped by the incredible women and clients I have listened to in the salon over the last decade. Women and especially Irish women, have a natural knack of opening up and letting you in, a warmth and sisterhood that emerges when you let your guard down they let down theirs and invite you into their experiences in a very special way.

Now more than ever, I believe people will need a full 360 approach when it comes to their beauty regime. Yes we want healthy glowing skin, Yes we want to enhance what we’ve got! and a big resounding Yes to being more self aware of our mental health, and need for wellness treatments and products that promote well being body mind and soul.

Most of us are experiential beings, and are affected by the human touch. Self care books and podcasts are great, but you can’t compare theory and knowledge to the scientific proven results of the human touch. I know not everyone enjoys the idea of a stranger giving them a massage, to some letting someone touch them is too vulnerable or to close for comfort. However time and time again I’ve seen women give something new a try, like a facial or a body massage, even starting with a back neck and shoulder massage, and being AMAZED by it’s benefits. Some ladies have gone their whole lives giving and serving others and never thought to look after themselves. and now in their HEYDAY, they have begun to take new ground be brave and try something new. Some of these brave ladies are our best clients!

8 months pregnant at my salon, very grateful to be in business and a mum at the same time!

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