In the Garden

My first post about my garden. I can’t believe I’m writing ‘ My Garden’, it’s still surreal that we have our own first home. PLEASE do not read this unless you are actually interested in gardening or you will be bored out of your brains!!!

When we looking to buy we had two real deal-breakers.

1 – We had to be close to a beach, on the coast somewhere so Jamie could swim regularly and just for my soul.

2 – It had to have a decent-sized garden. Old or new, but the garden mattered more than the house.

Well, we got both of those things in this move, and now the journey of cultivated a beautiful garden begins. It’s pretty much a blank canvas front and back with grass and a few trees. We had to put down a steady fence straight away, as we are an end house and exposed, and with my little runaway toddler, we needed to make it safe straight away.

I’ve started marking out the front, with a spray paint to mark out flower beds and a path from the front door to the path, as we have discovered the garden is on a slight hill and floods pretty much every time it rains.

I’ve also discovered that the soil down here near the sea for us is sadly not great. They call it Macame soil, its clay like and doesn’t drain well. So when it rains the whole lawn basically is mulch.

I started doing pots and baskets in late March, as the whole Covid thing was kicking off, and luckily stocked up on some supplies before the garden centre closed up.

Our answer to the bad soil was, get 3 tonnes of good soil delivered from a farm nearby. It cost 160 I think, and it didn’t look like 3 tonnes, but since we started moving it around, it goes on and on! We still did a good bit of digging and cultivating the soil underneath to give our plants the best chance, and then we raised up the beds and will go higher once we can get the rest of our supplies for the borders.

I have 3 climbing roses planted at the back, which I hope will span the fence, and then I planted some other summer plants around. I’ve a herb section closest to the kitchen, and this is something that if I can keep alive I know I will use all the time for cooking. The plan is to have raised vegetable and fruit beds in other parts of the garden so we can eat our own produce, and then of course I want loads of roses and little areas to sit in the garden and just enjoy it in the different seasons.

Apart from planting, we want to have fun kids areas too, and for the big kids, a beer shed and a jacuzzi are on the drawing plans for down the line. I hope to have the jacuzzi for my 40th which is Sept 2021. Ambitious maybe, we will see!

I’m going for a white and pastel theme mainly, I don’t know why but I always gravitate towards white. Not sure how any of this is going to grow but I’ll keep you updated. I hope I have a few gardening friends out there that can enjoy the journey with me. Please share any tips if you know anything about this soil that could help.

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