Celebrate little Victories

I don’t know about you, but I can often find myself putting so much pressure on, trying to achieve a lot and be good at everything I do. Sometimes it’s too much.. Motherhood, being a wife, being a business owner, growing a baby, trying to decorate the house.. maintain self care, laundry, the list goes on..the list seems to be endless of ways to improve myself and surroundings! This morning this phrase came into my head

Celebrate little Victories

I’m sure I’ve heard it somewhere before but it just came fresh into my mind. So that’s the plan this month. Focusing on each daily win to stay positive, no matter how small. I’m finding when I actually keep a track of all the things, we are actually making progress. It’s hard to remember when your sooooo tired.

Join me in celebrating ttgmydailywin even if its just getting a quiet cup of tea

So far this week, my victories include

– First two nights of sleep training done with my toddler

– Hanging two guitars and a painting

– Doing the food shop with the help of the hubs.

– Answering 10 work emails

And finally getting to post a blog! Celebrating with a dairy milk and a cup of tea as I post this. If you are the hard working over achiever type, it’s hard to settle for just getting some tasks done sometimes, ( I mean in your head ). Unless you want to constantly feel behind and that your failing, you have got to start recognising the things you DID get done. I’m learning this myself as with kids everything takes wayyy longer and patience is something sparing.

Join me and celebrate your daily win using #ttgmydailywin
even if it’s just getting a quiet cup of tea on your own.

What are you getting up to during Covid-19?

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