Mother’s day thoughts

After a pretty rotten week this was once of those golden moments that I feel so grateful to have enjoyed. If I look tired, it’s from crying and generally being a bit wrecked like most of the country this week while we navigate corona virus and business and everything it’s affecting in our world.

For years I was single and it felt like such a long wait to meet my Mister. Childhood dreams of 10 kids and a horse became dreams of just a horse, and my business became my first baby. Fast forward and I meet and marry Mr right, within 6 mths and begin a new chapter that leads to this. Motherhood.

MollyRose 20.06.2017

To be honest after identifying as single till I was 32 I felt like a total imposter calling myself Wife.. I found single friends fell away or couldn’t connect after I had finally become hitched it was lonely. After baby I was like, I’m just in the gate but can I really be called a mother? Imposter syndrome as a mother felt real too. Then along came 2 and I thought, I’m doing it , right?  I’m really a mum!?? I’m so far behind my sisters and friends who started this years ago! I’m just Auntie Anna..

Even though it’s always been my dream It’s taken me years to embrace the reality of it all in the timing God brought it about. Don’t get me wrong I loved my single life too and spent it well.

Vanishing Twin, the one that got away

Now I’ve found myself pregnant again, firstly with twins, and now with just one healthy baby making it into my second trimester. It was a sad week on top of everything else going on in the world, for the little one that got away. It’s amazing how quickly you can connect in a pregnancy.

I am so grateful for the sunshine this morning, I am so ever grateful for my little family and I want to encourage anyone waiting, sometimes the darkest night is just before the dawn and things can change in your life so quickly in the right time. Hold on to Hope 

 Today I am celebrating being Mum, and the little ones that made me so.  I want to wish all the other mammies out there, a beautiful day.

You go through so many ups and downs as a mum and we don’t always get it right, I definitely don’t. Even if you are mothering a business right now and not a baby, or a younger sibling, or whatever context you find yourself in you deserve to be celebrated too.

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