My favourite face oils and why you should be using one

For years clients would come to the salon asking for a facial that would resurface, anti age, rehydrate etc, and soo many Irish clients would consider thier skin sensitive. After a closer look we would often find that the skin barrier was impaired. Between cold weather, too much rich foods/drink, constant indoor ac, and usually in winter our skin takes a bashing. There is just no point spending money trying to anti-age and firm out the skin when it’s sore! Our first step in treating most Irish skin would be getting that barrier back to it’s best health. If you have an impaired barrier, you will feel a bit irritated or stingy when you apply the likes of glycolics or ahas or retinol, you’ll have discovered tiny thread veins maybe around the nose from blowing or wiping, and sometimes the cheeks from windburn. If this is you in Winter or currently end of Winter beginning of cold Spring, a nice facial oil could be your skins redeemer.

My all time favourite Facial oil, is the REN Rose 012 Moisture defence oil. As you can see the bottle is nearly empty because I have used it so much. I’ve been using it for 10 years which says a lot. It’s made with Moroccan Demascena rose oil, which is super rich in healing qualities. It is light weight and doesn’t feel greasy on your skin. After a few nights applying this I feel and see a noticeable difference straight away. You can also mix a few drops of these oils into your night moisturiser too if you prefer the feel of a cream on your skin.

Do you need barrier repair?

Newest to the party is this gorgeous day time facial oil called Great day glo by Neom organics. I am a bit sceptical about using oils in the day time, as once you are in the day light, the essential oils can actually attract pigmentation spots if you are not wearing SPF. I can actually testify to this happening in minutes about 6 years ago. I had out some Neals Yard rose-hip oil on my cleansed face, and went to chat to my mum in the garden on a spring day. It wasn’t hot but the sun was strong and in minutes I had pigmentation spots appear on my cheeks. I’ve been so careful ever since. Neom have been very smart here, as they have also brought out a great day moisturser with SPF, so you can use the oil and the ‘topcoat’ of moisturiser spf over it. Both smell gorgeous, and I was surprised how nice they felt on my skin, not heavy but it really absorbed well and felt moisturised enough with both products on. The scent wasn’t overpowering, it was fragrant and uplifting. I love the idea of a daytime oil, as I really only used oils at night, so it’s nice to have the option, when I don’t want to do my normal serum/moisturiser/spf routine.

Another one I’ve really enjoyed is from an American company Herbivore botanicals , the oil is called Orchid. It’s harder to find here in Ireland, but I’m pretty sure Space N.K supplies it now. This is a lovely oil that glides onto the skin, it feels luxurious, and the one I have above is an youth preserving one. It is naturally perfumed with orchid and the scent is gorgeous. It wouldn’t be my first preference if barrier repair is the goal, but this is a great maintenance oil once your skin is healthy. I use it at night, and love how it feels on my skin. I also love this company’s branding and story, I’m a sucker for how bottles look aesthetically.

Again if the barrier is repaired you would want to stay away from anything too perfumed, and my preference especially when healing the skin would be to go for natural, organic products with ingredient integrity. Once your skin is healthy again you’ll be able for more intense products if anti age is your goal, but regardless you will be surprised how many clients were NOT actually sensitive, they had just been sensitized from cold/hot weather, and cheap products ( think commercial cheap cleansers/facial wipes/highly perfumed creams) . Could this be You? Have you tried any of these products? Do you use an oil PM? Hope this was helpful 🙂

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