That bit easier with these 5 things

1. Internet password logbook – All the info in 1 place

I’ve been using one of these the last few years, and it has made my life so much easier. As a business owner I probably have twice as many log ins and passwords than normal, and you have to update them regularly for security etc, it’s hard to keep the list under control. From Social media accounts to electricity and gas, everything is online now. This little book keeps a handy record of everything in one place, I obviously keep it in a safe and private place, but guys this book rocks! You can pick one up in The Kilkenny shop, or by clicking the image below.

2. The Echo Dot – Play all your favourite tunes hands free perfect for a busy mum.

I’d seen this before in a friends house and thought, this is so cool. You talk to Alexa (like Siri on iphone) and she plays whatever songs you tell her to, you can even set it up to read news, books, you can ask questions about the weather, and basically everything you would normally google, hands free. I always assumed these were expensive, but guys, they are around €35!! Well worth the purchase. You can choose to subscribe to amazon for €2.99 per month and get the full access to over 50 million songs. Since ours arrived the house has been full of music again, while I’m cleaning the baby bottles, while I’m cleaning, while I’m cooking, all hands free telling Alexa to play my favourite tunes 🙂

3. The Stocard App – All your loyalty cards in 1 App, anything to lighten my wallet

These days it’s hard to purchase anything in a store without being offered a loyalty card. I’ve turned down so many, as my wallet is bursting at the seams with cards. I know I’m turning down discounts and points. I found this App a few years ago, it allows you to store all your cards on your phone, so you don’t carry them physically, and you scan them from your phone when asked for you card. Less junk in my wallet, yet not missing out on deals, Yes please. Available from the App store for android and apple.

4. Fitbit Inspire Health & Fitness Tracker, wear the watch and stay accountable

I don’t really like to wear a watch all the time, but this one I do. It’s narrow enough that I don’t feel it will get in the way. Different straps are available if you like, and it records your steps, sleep patterns and more. It syncs with an app on your phone and helps keep you accountable. I get competitive with my own scores, and you can also challenge your friends through the app. I’m on a major transformation journey after 2 babies and lot’s of stress, I have a long way to go this year to get healthy again, I will definitely be using my fitbit inspire to keep me on track.

5. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, bottle maker for the modern mum

Ok so mum’s from the past always look at me like I’m totally spoiled by this one. It’s basically like a coffee machine for babies. You add your formula, press it once and it gives a hot shot. Next it adds the exact amount of colder filtered water to create the perfect bottle at the perfect temperature. I can’t tell you what a help this is in middle of the night when you have two babies crying at the same time, I was recommended it by a friend and it has been so worth the money. You can pick one up in Tesco, or click the picture to buy above either. You do have to replace the filters when the light comes on to make sure everything stays working perfectly.

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