Merry and Bright

We moved to our first home mid August this year, and I had high hopes and ideals of what our first Christmas could be like in the house.

Realistically with 2 babies, progress has been really slow, and so If I get anything done in the house or finished it really will be a Christmas miracle!

I would love to be able to decorate our front porch area outside for Christmas, as I feel it’s just the nicest welcome to anyone visiting, and for us to come home to. Currently we’ve experienced some bad drainage and flooding in the front garden due to this clay soil that we have discovered since moving here. It’s been raining a lot in the last few months so long-term we are going to have remedy that and short term whatever I do will have to be up high, because everything will be soaked on the ground.

Here are some exterior Christmas ideas I’ve been liking on Pinterest.. My favourites are the top two..

What about you? Do you decorate outside your house for Christmas ? Which of the above do you prefer?

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