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Since moving into our new home this past August I’ve had little time to really get stuck in with the decorating. We are doing what’s necessary and using what we have already to save money while we get started, and as EVERYONE says, ” It takes time, so take your time with a new house “.


We brought a lot of our furniture with us as most of the places we rented previously were unfurnished.  Once we unloaded them here, not all the pieces felt like they fitted well. I have light grey couches and armchairs, and lots of wood cabinets. The wood will all work in some way no matter what colour scheme I choose. I know Oak and lighter woods like ash have been extremely popular the last few years and I have a good few bits in oak myself, however I snuck a few darker pieces of furniture in to warm up the home and because I know the whole ‘light wood everything’ is a trend that will likely pass.

Wall colour – I have to say I am so sick of Grey, 50 shades of it.  I’ve done it over and over, Farrow and Ball ‘ Strong White ‘ has been my go to wall colour since about 2012 I think, and I’m just ready for brighter walls and stronger lines in my new home. I have painted the whole house in Farrow and Ball ‘ All White ‘, and it is light and fresh. I went with a classic pale blue for Mollys room just to have a change and make it fun for her.

In this home I want a bit of art to inspire me, and I am still loving brass and gold wherever it can be fit in. Lamps and picture frames are a great way to introduce a bit of metal without spending a lot.

Here are some of the pictures that inspired me from pinterest to be bold and add some black..


The office in my new home is the first ‘ kind of finished ‘ room, mostly because I have to work so it was a priority to get it sorted. I absolutely LOVE the black desk with jute rug together, and have already bought myself a black desk instead of my ‘ go to ‘ white look in my office. It feels kind of official and glamorous, a bit more sure of itself if you will. I will be posting an office makeover soon so stay tuned if you want to see how it turned out.



Now even though I have a latch on my office door, the finished look of my new home office will be extremely minimal as I have a toddler and a new born, and I’ve learned the hard way that the more stuff you have available the more mess they will make. Yes, just having aimless fun chucking things over there shoulders and ripping things down.. so minimal is my aim.  All things super organized and a home for everything.  The Jute rug is probably much more realistic for this season of my life, hard wearing and tough, yet it brings a depth to the room and adds texture.

Looking forward to actually finished even one room, does anyone else find it nearly impossible finish any task with two babies? 

What do you think of the black, white and brown theme?

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