My Kitchen update

Renting can be really fun or really restrictive depending on your landlord when it comes to interior design. Most landlords prefer you not to mess with their pre-decorated (magnolia anyone?) apartments or houses. Now and again you get an awesome landlady who lets you make your rental your home.

I’ve been renting for the last 10 years and moved around quite a bit. My latest rental; a 2 bedroom apartment, is about 20 years old, and although had great bones definitely needed an update.

I felt it really needed brightening up as there was no natural light by a window only an opening instead of doors, and lots of wooden presses with big long metal handles. One great thing were the plain white tiles, which I liked.

Before…a small space and just looked very heavy

After..Much brighter

The biggest change was the painting and handles. Painting white, on wood that has been well ‘ lived in ‘ requires patience so I got some help! It also needs to be desugared as part of the prep before the undercoats and top coats..

The handles were easy to take off, and then the holes had to be filled as the new brass handles from Ikea were much smaller.

We also changed the light fitting to a brass Ikea light fitting, it cost around €120 but made a huge difference to the light and look of the room.

We removed anything that was up high ( shelves with pots) or made it feel enclosed. We reorganised what was there so that the lower presses could hold more.

There isnt a lot of storage in the kitchen so we put up some cheap pine shelves over the table for all the items you grab the most. I like how it looks, and we do keep it tidy and as simple as possible.

We love being in the kitchen now, which is good because we cook more!

What about you? Have you decorated your rental?

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